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Are you in need of a place to stay?


Are you willing to share your home?

The Sharemyhome initiative started three days after Putin invaded Ukraine. People were already fleeing the country and many more were expected to follow. Since we did not know how long it would take for official coordination to become effective, we decided not to wait for it and help the people in urgent need. We are grateful that, up till now, we have already helped over 300 Ukrainians to find a temporary safe place to stay. And that almost 800 Dutch families are willing to share their homes.


Since last Friday official coordination has come into effect with the website With this launch displaced Ukrainians and Dutch home sharers can find or offer help through official channels. We feel that coordinated help via this channel is the most optimal way for the large amount of refugees to find shelter and further assistance within the Dutch society.


Of course, we will continue to match the Ukrainians who already registered with us. Once we helped them we will inform all Dutch home sharers how, if still willing to, they can offer their help to other initiatives.

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